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2016 Picture Blog


2016 Picture Blog


US customers getting large discount on fishing trips

The huge dip in the Canadian dollar has made it very advantageous to fish in Canada since the discount on the dollar is at about 25% right now. (Based on the dollar 1/1.33).


Fishing Live Squid for Chinook Salmon

The sportiest way to catch salmon in my opinion is fishing live bait. On the west coast there is generally two common ways to catch salmon. Troll with downriggers or cut plug herring. But there is another way most people don’t know about and that is to catch Chinook salmon in shallow water with live squid.


Updated Chinook and Coho forecast 2014

If you’re evaluating the Chinook forecast for all of BC, Ucluelet is definitely the HOT spot to catch salmon this year. We have great news for 2014: The Columbia River forecast is 1.6 million Chinook, which is the largest forecasted return since 1938. That is up from 1.2 million actual return last year.


BC Fishing Resort Option for Ucluelet

If you are looking to come to an all inclusive fishing resort in BC, there are many along the coast to choose from. There are both fly-in lodges and those resorts that can be driven to.


Recipe - Ginger-Teriyaki Salmon

Salmon Recipe #1: Ginger-Teriyaki Salmon. This is one of my personal favorites, as well as a favorite of many of my friends. You can play with this recipe, so don’t think everything has to be exact in order to turn out right.


July 2011 Picture Blog-Salmon-Halibut

Garth MacFarlane with Guide Sam Vandervalk July 20 with a Chinook that took 4th place in the Salmon Ladder Derby at 35 lbs 11 oz..


Picture Blog June 2011


Two Salmon and Halibut Recipes


Ray’s Salmon and Halibut recipes


Picture Blog July 2010


Matching the Bait

Every fisherman has a a favorite lure or method of fishing to catch salmon. I still remember the different lures that caught those big fish for me years ago – that silver plug, that white and green spoon, that “special” hoochie and flasher.


Picture Blog June 2010


Choosing the Right Hooks


Why Salmon Are Lost in the Net

In my experience, most fish are lost in the first 20 seconds after hook-up, or right at the boat. I’ll go over some techniques that will help you cut down on lost fish right after hook-up in another segment.


Fishing Guides: What it takes to be successful


Fishing with Bait or Lures?

BAIT OR LURE? Which is more effective? If you ask me, bait of just about any kind is more effective than the artificial lure. It doesn’t matter whether I’m fishing with herring strip, the rotary salmon killer, anchovy, or cut plug herring.


Fishing With Flasher And Hootchie Part 1

Probably more salmon have been caught by commercial fisherman and sports fishermen alike using this combination than just about any other hook setup ever invented.


Fishing With the Current

Much can be learned about the proper technique of fishing in ocean currents to watching how fish behave in the river when targeting them with lure or bait.


How to Catch Twice as Many Salmon

The next time you are out fishing for king salmon on the saltwater, there is something you should try. Most likely you will be surprised at the results


Fishing With Flasher And Hootchie Part 2

For all the thousands of hootchie color patterns out there along with dozens of variations of each of these patterns, it is understandable why most fishermen carry at leat 40 different colors in their tackle box.


Best Fishing Questions

8 top questions to ask before booking a fishing expedition


Kinasewich Fishing Trip Ucluelet


July 2009 Picture Blog

July 2009 Picture Blog


June 2009 Picture Blog


May 2009 Picture Blog


How To Troll For Halibut Off Vancouver Island’s West Coast

Most people I know equate halibut fishing as plunking a 2-3 pound lead and spreader bar baited with herring, salmon bellies, or octopus off a sandy or gravelly bottom. Trolling for halibut can be more productive…


How To Catch 20-30 Salmon per Day

Maybe someday I’ll write a book where I’ll lay out in point by point detail the all the necessary factors to catch more salmon in one day than most people catch in a year.


Why not all Halibut taste the same.


Best Salmon Fishing Boats for the West Coast

How to stay warm, dry and comfortable. It’s easy, actually. Find a lodge or fishing operation that carries its’ guests in covered cabin cruisers with an open deck for fighting the fish. But here is what you need to know.


August 2008 Salmon and Halibut Fishing

Bassione Van Soest with a 34 lb Tyee August 2, 2008


July 2008 Salmon and Halibut Photo Blog

Here are a few pics to highlight July:


June 2008 Salmon and Halibut Fishing

Terry Buckman June 5, 2008