Fishing Canada vs Alaska 2024

Salmon and Halibut

Why do I believe you should come salmon and halibut fishing Ucluelet, Canada rather than Alaska?
  1. Trends for fishing
  2. Time spent traveling on the water, driving and airports
  3. Consistency of fishing
  4. Our 50lbs a day guarantee*
  5. Best weather on the west coast
  6. Personal care during fishing
  7. Discounted dollar

1. Trends of fishing

The Chinook (King) salmon trends in Alaska have been declining for the past 15 years. Ucluelet has been seeing more Chinook (King)  salmon pass by closer to shore in the past 8 years than in years, especially the past 2 years. .Many Columbia River salmon come through Ucluelet feeding grounds  and Columbia River returns have been very good at around 500K fish returning. We normally see  most Columbia salmon  during June and July.

August returns have been at 25 year highs the past 5 years to the local Stamp River at 120-160K. These numbers are far more than the Kenai River  which of course has received a ton of attention in years past.

The photo below is from August 2023 and is a common catch for a morning's fish.

2. Time spent traveling on the water, driving and airports

Much of our Chinook (King) fishing is done within 15 minutes of leaving the harbour mouth. Combining the easy access flying or driving into Ucluelet with  much less run time to the grounds means you have more time to relax and explore the beaches and trails in the area. (our beaches and trails are special to Ucluelet)

During May to July we often go less than 40 minutes for halibut and 20 minutes for ling cod. When we do need to travel to Big Bank (about an hour out), we are often going parallel to the swell which makes an easy ride out. Big Bank is in the perfect location for access from Ucluelet.

3. Consistency of fishing

Ucluelet is one of or maybe the most consistent place to fish on the coasts of BC or Alaska the past 20 years. We think  Ucluelet has the largest area of feeding grounds with in 1 hour of the harbour for any location in British Columbia or Alaska. These feeding grounds attract salmon returning to many rivers.

The photo below is from July 2023.

4. Best guarantee of success

We don't just talk about success, we guarantee at least 50lbs a day during July/August. We have yet to find a resort, lodge or charter from Washington, BC (Canada) or Alaska that has a guarantee and stands behind with with fish.

This includes Sitka, Juneau, Homer, Ketchekan, Kodiak Island, Bristol Bay, and Seward.

Our guides know how to give you a good time and also how to make you grin from ear to ear reeling in your salmon and halibut!

Check out our latest fishing reports for lots of pics!

5. Better weather

You can check the weather all summer for wind, temperature and  precipitation and Ucluelet has more pleasant fishing time on the water than areas north and south.

6. Personal fishing experience

For groups of 2-30 people,  coming to Ucluelet means you get more attention from the guide and staff. Our boats take 2-5 people and we have top notch equipment and gear. Old fishing gear is not that uncommon if guides are paying for the gear they use.

7. Discounted dollar

Our loss is your gain. Right now the Canadian dollar is in the dumps and eating, staying and fishing in Canada is cheaper than Alaska. We rented a car in Alaska (Anchorage) for $200 a day in  late May/early June of 2022 and there wasn't anything less expensive available.

Fishing from Ucluelet is for the whole family. We have all ladies trips, all mens trips, family trips and corporate  trips.

Below are a few pics from 2023.