By Daren Kennett,
Strathmore, Alberta

It is with sadness that I e-mail you as mom Kennett (Elaine) passed away on January 6th, 2009.  However, it is with great delight that I tell you the rest of the story.

In August 2007, my mom, then 78 years old saw some pictures of a recent fishing trip that I had taken with Sam at Salmon Eye Charters. Much to my surprise, she informed me that she wanted to go fishing.  So, in July 2008, my mom (79 yrs old), my dad (79 yrs old), and my brother and I ventured to Uclulet for a 3 day fishing trip with Sam at Salmon Eye Charters.  The fishing was simply amazing!  We caught our limit of fish but much more importantly we had an incredible family experience.  Once mom returned home she proudly broadcasted her many stories to family and friends.

Unfortunately, on January 6, 2009 my mom suddenly passed away.  During our family visits and discussions, I learned that our fishing trip was one of her ‘most cherished and memorable experiences’ in her entire life.  When she told others of the trip, her eyes would light up and a big smile would come across her face.  I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to spend 3 incredible days fishing with my 79 year old mother.  I know I will never get another chance but I will cherish the memories forever.

Sam, I really appreciate you creating such an outstanding experience for my family.  During our family discussion over the past few days, we would like to visit about a group of 12 – 16 people (my family) that would like to fish with you and Salmon Eye Charters in the summer of 2009.

May God bless you and once again thanks for making such a lasting impression on not only my mom but also on our entire family.  Hope to see you this summer.

Daren Kennett
Strathmore, Alberta

ps.  please feel free to use this information for your business.  Also, I would be more that happy to provide positive references for you should someone considering a trip want to visit with customer.