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At Salmon Eye Charters we are committed to giving you the best vacation possible. We want you to feel at home when you are away from home. With some of the best and most experienced guides in the industry, a trip with us will be the experience of a lifetime!

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Salmon Eye Charter’s guides will go the extra mile to make sure you have the best chance at catching quality salmon and halibut.  Our tackle, equipment, and boats are kept in top condition; our guides are always prepared with the right gear and tackle; and we never cut corners on quality.


The Ucluelet inshore and offshore areas are some of the largest on the coast, and it takes years of experience to know how to fish each area well. Our guides have that experience. Salmon and halibut move around, which means we must try different depths and lures for different areas. We will be happy to share this information with you, as we travel, to give you a richer appreciation of the area.


With six boats to serve you in a large area, our guides communicate continually, sharing information from boat to boat. Since fish are constantly on the move, this means you will have the best chance of being in the right place when the salmon and halibut are biting.

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We take all comments and feedback seriously and want to serve you in the best way possible. Please don’t be shy in giving us feedback. We are here to help!

Dedication, communication, and sharing, this is what Salmon Eye is all about! Contact us to learn more.