Staying in Tofino? Fishing Charter in Ucluelet?

If you are staying in Tofino and looking to go out on a 4 hr fishing charter and getting out on the water is more important than fishing you still may want to read this.

Tofino is one of the recommended places to visit on Vancouver Island. Between Tofino and Ucluelet are some incredible beaches and surfing has always been a large attraction here.

Ucluelet 30 mins to the south was the sleepy town that was just known for commercial fishing and logging.

During the 1980's sport fishing started to take root in Ucluelet and over the past 20 years Ucluelet has become known as one of the top hot spots in BC and expecially Vancouver Island for consistent salmon and halibut fishing.

So if you are just wanting a 4 hour  fishing trip as part of your relaxing vacation, why should you drive to Ucluelet?

You may think that Tofino is not far from Ucluelet and that the same fish must swim by.

The reasons to drive from Tofino for a 4  hour fishing trip to Ucluelet would be this:

  • Ucluelet can have some great protected water fishing. There are a few fishing resorts that primarily fish inside Barkley Sound for calm water fishing. This is key for people who are subject to motion or sea sickness.
  • The Chinook (King)  and Coho salmon are often close by. Over the past few years we are often only running 5-15 minutes from the entrance of the harbour. That means more fishing time for you.
  • We have 27'-31' boats with large heated cabins (and yes toilets). The west coast has some cooler weather and you never know when the moisture will come in.  May, June you expect rain and even some day in July can be wet. August is known as Faugust and we can have a beautiful sunny day turn into fog rain which if driving requires you to turn on your windshield wipers.
  • More space on the boat for family and friend groups. Our largest boat takes up to 7 people on one boat if you would like to keep the family togethe and everyone can be seated under cover in the boat cabin. It is also less expensive per person for larger groups. Check out our 4 hour day trip prices.
  • More  access to feeding grounds. Within about 1 hour boat ride is the largest area of feeding grounds on the west coast for salmon. While we don't normally travel far, if we need to go further to find success we will.
Where should you get fishing licenses? If staying in Tofino you can go to Method Marine or you can get a BC saltwater fishing license online. You must get a salmon stamp and print your license.

What can you expect to catch on a 4 hour fishing charter?

Below are some photos from last year.  We normally say from 1-4 salmon and if kids want to bottom fish we can do that to as its more interactive.  Last year we had some pretty amazing fishing and you can't expect that for every fishing trip. There are also weather factors and other conditions we can't control. We do try to play the odds in your favour though to make your fishing trip as successful as possible however as we love to catch salmon!

This trip was done in just over 2 hours though this is a best case trip.