Fishing Report
August 29, 2015

Fishing has been good the past two weeks and South Bank, Big Bank, South West Corner, Long Beach and just recently Wya Point have been good for Chinook. Coho seem to mostly be at Big Bank and though there are a few being caught in close to shore as well. Halibut have been pretty consistent though have been a little tougher on Big Bank so we have been fishing off Amphitrite Bank for them. We had a southeast system come in the last couple days and we were happy that the fish were in close! We are still getting lots of action and should see good fishing right up into September. Tight lines and see you on the water!

Jesse and Julie Prather August 18, 2015 with some nice halibut!

Tony Kurdy with dad Edward with their catch August 18, 2015

Rodderick group a good catch of Chinook from South Bank August 19, 2015

Siegfried group fishing Big Bank.August 20, 2015

Bruders group fishing South Bank August 20 , 2015

Mike Heard with son Chris out for an afternoon's fish August 20, 2015

Siegfried group catching a nice variety August 21, 2015

Dickenson group August 22, 2015

Siegfried group fishing Big Bank August 22, 2015

Jessica Calvert so happy she is kissing the fish August 23, 2015

Bill Calvert with daughter Jessica on a doubleheader August 23, 2015

Schwan family back for another trip of catching Chinook salmon August 24, 2015

Bill and Lynn with daughter Jessica admiring their catch August 24, 2015

Doumont group from Port Alberni out for the second trip of the year August 24, 2015

Ken Arvin with son Andrew with a nice catch August 25, 2015

Schwan family fishing Big Bank August 25, 2015

Some days are magical and this was one of them!

Kennett group holding up Chinook caught at South Bank August 26, 2015

Jaffray family fishing Big Bank August 27, 2015

Kennett group fishing Big Bank August 27, 2015

Bruce and Andrew Currie August 27, 2015 with a quick afternoon of halibut fishing

Kennett group finishing off their Chinook at Wya point August 28, 2015

Andrew Currie with dad Bruce August 28, 2015 fishing Wya Point

Hunt group August 28 after a quick morning of fishing at Way point