Fishing Report
May 4, 2015

Chinook fishing has been very good so far in both April and May and now we are starting to get halibut as well. Some decent size Chinook are starting to show up and Dan’s group managed to get some nice Chinook this morning with the biggest at 22lbs. Halibut are starting to show up early and this is a good sign for things to come as well. South Bank, Great Bear and Inside Lighthouse bank have been the hotspots the last few days. Needlefish hutchies and 3-3.5 inch Coyote and Silver Horde spoons are working well. Silver Horde has recently come out with a 2 inch spoon which will be great for coho fishing this summer.

Below are some pics from the last couple days!

Bob, Kelsey and Devin Brown May 3, 2015

Rose family with some nice sized early Chinook, May 4, 2015