Fishing Report June 13, 2018 Ucluelet BC

The fishing has been very good this past week and the weather has been great also. Chinook (Kings) from 8-20 lbs and chicken sized halibut have mostly been the catch. The Chinook fishing has been good on South Bank (approx. 4 miles out) and the Halibut have been good at Big Bank. The weather and fishing are about as good as you can get in June right now and are exceeding our expectations for fishing this time of year! Come load up on your favorite seafood. This may actually be the best time of year to fish right now.

Kiehlbauch group June 1, 2018

No one wanted to smile with these Chinook caught June 8, 2018

A nice Chinook from Eric June 9, 2018

A sample of the Jones catch June 11, 2018

Half of the Jones group June 11, 2018

The other half of the Jones group June 12, 2018