2019 Fishing Recap Ucluelet BC

Below are some of the photos from the 2019 season. We had a good season overall and are expecting more good runs for 2020. Official forecast will come out in the spring of 2020, but I wouldn't wait before booking as we were at capacity for most of the 2019 season.

Total catch for the group (4 people) May 13, 2019

Two happy customers May 13, 2019. The halibut are in early!
May 27th, 2019: Don & Carol Woodward fishing with Clark & Beth Young. Guided by Scott. Fun first day on the water!

May 27th, 2019: Teamwork out on the water!

May 28th, 2019: Woodward/Young group, day two!

May 31st, 2019: Successful 6hr charter for Jared, Ron and Gerald. Guided by Keith.

May 30th - June 2nd: 4 day charter for the Johnson group, 6people , guided by Scott & Keith. These guys slayed it!

The ladies from the Johnson group, reelin' them in like it's nothing!

More pictures from the Johnson group, good times on the water!

June 28 - Javier Mainar and his family! Safe to say they had a great trip to the west coast! Guided by Andrew.

Fred, Garry and Barry(Not in Pic), back for their third year of fishing with us.

Fred, Barry and Garry on their annual Father/Son fishing trip!

These guys ended their charter early on the 3rd day because they caught their limit! Guided by Darren and Andrew

John and Casey Stump on their Fathers day fishing trip!

Huge halibut landed by Casey Stump - Guided by Keith.

A couple of nice sized halibuts - Guided by Keith

Blue skies in Ucluelet!

Foggy, but successful day on the water for Kyle - Guided by Scott

Lots of Salmon = Smiling faces!

July 5th - One of our guides sons out on a father son trip

July 5th, Ewing group - Guided by Andrew

July 5th, Caelum Ewing - Guided by Andrew

July 8th, Peck group. Day one of a tow day charter - Guided by Andrew

July 8th, Eggland group - Guided by Keith

July 8th, Lucas - Guided by Darren

July 9th, Leeuw group - Guided by Scott

Sam fishing July 11th

July 12th - Day two for the Jalali group, guided by Andrew

July 13th - Connor, guided by Andrew

Successful boys trip - Guided by Andrew

Heading out on the first charter of the day.

July 15th - Wurzbach group, guided by Andrew!

Al Miller and Dale Carr - Guided by Sam

Terry Shores - Guided by Keith July 16th

Al Miller and Daryl Carr holding up two nice Chinook salmon July 17, 2019

July 17, 2018 with Allen group

 Paul and Cody Zook July 18, 2019 holding up four Chinook salmon

Hoff group July 18, 2019

A Killer whale spotted close to shore July 19, 2019

Scenic cruise July 19, 2019


July 20, 2019  with the Hoff group fishing Barkley Sound

Chris Noyes July 20, 2019 showing off part of his group's catch

Josh Murakaus getting some fishy smell in a photo July 20, 2019

Hoff group July 22, 2019 with a Big Bank catch in just a couple hours

Mike Sullivan holding a nice Chinook July 22, 2019


Greanya group showing off their catch July 23, 2019

Greanya group July 25, 2019 holding up a good catch. 

Lougheed group July 26, 2019

Dave and Anja holding up a couple nice Chinook July 27, 2019


Lougheed group with some nice halibut July 28, 2019


Troy Lougheed with guide Andrew (and a halibut!) July 27, 2019


Owner Sam fishing the Ashbee group July 31, 2019

Owner Sam out for a morning fish in close to shore August 3, 2019

Silves group August 3, 2019 with Chinook and Coho from Big Bank


Rachey group August 4, 2019 fishing Big Bank


Silves group August 4, 2019


Jim Goertz holding up part of his catch August 5, 2019
Jim Goertz holding up a nice halibut August 5, 2019

Guide Andrew with a couple friends August 5, 2019

Terry Townend with a nice Chinook August 6, 2019 caught at South Bank

Bruders group August 19, 2019

Bruders group August 20, 2019

Part of the Gordon group August 22, 2019

Kai Chung holding a beauty August 24, 2019


Chung family August 24, 2019

Miller group August 25, 2019 out for the afternoon

Miller group day 3 out for a short morning August 27, 2019

Hubert out Sept 2, 2019 for one of 8 fished hooked in under an hour.

Keith and Sandy out for the afternoon September 6, 2019