Fishing Report July 31, 2020 Ucluelet BC

Fishing has been good for Chinook, Coho and Halibut on Big Bank. The weather has been good which always lends a helping hand for getting out longer distances. Halibut fishing has been consistent and there are more medium to large halibut being taken on the troll this year and especially the past couple weeks.

Chinook fishing has been a little slower this year though there are enough around to keep fisherman happy. The average size of Chinook has been larger which is always a good thing. Outside South and Outside Lighthouse bank have had some good days though most of the catching as been at Big Bank.

There have been a ton of Coho on Big Bank--so much so that some days you have to devise ways of getting past them.

If you are still looking to come fishing let us know as we have a few scattered spots open. Both the afternoon and morning fishing should be good starting around August 8 in close to shore. Below are some photos of happy faces and fish!

Profilii group on their last day getting some Chinook and Ling Cod.

Family help July 26, 2020

Taylor family out for a fun trip July 26, 2020

Kitagawa group July 26, 2020

Afternoon wildlife watching (notice the sealions)

Catriona Le May Doan taking the kids fishing for an afternoon July 29. Our guide was a little star struck lol.

Nice catch for Ken and Charlie July 29, 2020

The Kemp group's catch July 30, 2020

Halibut release July 30, 2020

Martel Group July 30, 2020