Fishing report April 7th Ucluelet BC

We just started our season this past weekend despite the political announcements of more shutdowns. The government did a study last year and found that there was no spread of covid on fishing boats so we are going forward with the season as planned. It seems like most people wanting an outdoor getaway have decided to come to the west coast as well as the accommodation here was totally full over the weekend. Most people in town are getting their vaccinations mid April which many people here are looking forward to.

The Chinook fishing to start April has been good. Our guide Dan took out a family on Sunday and hit about 10 Chinook, 7 of which were brought to the boat. Monday there were only 2 people so 4 Chinook were all that was needed. The fish have been close by at Great Bear and the Red can. The fish are biting on needlefish hutchies and small 3” spoons like you would normally expect this time of year.

There have also been a few halibut caught as well in the area so that is also an option. If you come for halibut just be prepared for catching salmon or lingcod if the weather isn’t great for going out that day. This time of year you generally have to wait longer for each halibut but there can be some really good size ones in close to shore.

 If you are wanting to come on a fishing charter in Ucluelet with us in 2021 expect accommodation to be in short supply like these past few summers. This past summer was the hardest season yet to find accommodation. You can check out or get one of our fishing packages available at We have very little ocean view accommodation but still have some cabins available.

Tight lines,

Sam Vandervalk

Salmon Eye Fishing Charters

Some pictures from the last week out on the water
April 4th with the Hull family

April 5th, our guide Dan with Tevin, Kahn and Dan

April 6 view fishing close to Great Bear thanks to the drone of Tevin and Kahn.

Guide Dan with the crab trap

Tevin and his buddy Kahn holding up 4 Chinook April 6.