Fishing Report July 31, 2022 Ucluelet BC (West Coast Vancouver Island)

Fishing the 2nd half of July was not as good as the first half. July 15 there was a steep drop off in fish production for Chinook, Coho and Halibut and Lingcod. There were still fish around but it was definitely a slower period not normal for Ucluelet. The full moon was on July 13 so it didn't really line up with moon cycles and right up to July 14 fishing was extremely good.

After July 19 fishing started to pick up and has been consistent. We actually were quite surprised as the best fishing for Chinook was close to shore. The Coho also moved in and we were either right outside the harbour or about 15 minutes away. The squid continues to come through in larger schools. Right outside the harbour the fishing has been so active its been a bit like fishing Big Bank which is great for saving fuel and the long rides offshore.  There are some larger Chinook being consistently caught right up to the last day of July which is not always expected.

With the surprise fishing close to shore during the second half of July we are hoping things continue for early August. The run for Barkley Sound should be here in a day or few.

Below are some pics!