Fishing Report August 19, 2013 Ucluelet BC Canada

Chinook fishing has been good in mostly two spots, Big Bank and the Bamfield 12 mile. We are getting a mixed bag of feeders and some mature fish mixed in. As usual the Chinook are biting better on different lures every day. Sometimes they are biting on spoons well and some days hutchies. Most of the spoons are working are 3.5 to 5 inch coyotes in glow, green and black. Halibut are biting well on Big Bank in a few different spots, but staying consistent near on the shallows and Rats nose.

For all that are still planning to come fishing, there should be fish for a while still. Enjoy the pictures below and tight lines!

Austin group August 11, 2013 with their delicious salmon and halibut!

Wolfe group August 11, 2013 with a great load!

McIntyre group August 13, 2013 with a great family trip!

Tanna Oberlander reeling in a Chinook salmon August 13, 2013

Tanna Oberlander with her prized catch August 13, 2013

Beautiful sky while fishing August 13, 2013

Double fun for the Mike and Sarah Rumsey August 13, 2013

Russell family August 15, 2013 with 20 Coho for the third day of their fishing trip!

Cathcart group August 17, 2013

Roger and Susan Denilko August 18, 2013

Godberg group enjoying their 20's with a great fishing trip August 18, 2013!

Menon group from Colorado enjoying to great BC fishing August 18, 2013

Roger Danilko sitting in the picture for two people! August 19, 2013

Godberg group enjoying another great day fishing! August 19, 2013

Woodworth family from Washington enjoying fishing, whales and scenery August 19, 2013