Fishing Report August 27, 2012 Ucluelet BC

We have mostly been fishing offshore or close to Little Beach the last week. Some of our boats have had some good success at Little Beach for bigger Chinook. The good news is that we are getting Chinook here that aren’t necessarily going up the nearby rivers which means we should be catching larger fish here for a little longer still. Generally we get Chinook traveling up Barkley Sound until early September. Some of the Chinook being caught here are white Springs and these are my favorite eating of the Chinook! For both Halibut and Chinook we have been running to Big Bank. The Chinook have been in the range of 5-12 lbs here. The Halibut numbers have been strong on the Shallows and the Rats Nose. The larger Halibut have mostly come while bottom bouncing, though it may be worth trolling for them too—sometime you can get a nice size average doing this depending on the day.


Pictured below is some of the happy clients from the past week!

Barker group August 19, 2012

Barker group August 20, 2012

John Barker and Ray McDowell August 21, 2012

Shawn Nowokowski, Allen Nowokowski, Ken Pallifter, Wes Giesbrecht August 21, 2012

Legend Brands group August 22, 2012

Legend Brands group August 22, 2012

Nowokowski group August 22, 2012

Legend Brands group August 23, 2012

Gomke family August 24, 2012

Best Family August 25, 2012

Gomke family August 25, 2012

Best family August 26, 2012