Fishing Report
August 4, 2011

The last couple weeks have seen good fishing for most days. We had a couple days in late July where the fishing was a little slower, however, once we found the new spot it was great fishing again. The last two days the fishing picked up considerably again and there are many 20 plus Chinook to be had. We are using 7 inch Tomic plugs as you will find large Pilchards in many of the Chinook and Coho. The 7 inch plugs keep away the small fish and let you just focus on the large Chinook which is what everybody likes! We are catching

Halibut was slow for a few days but has picked up as well. The size is ranging from12-25 lbs. Spots are changing on a daily basis but include the Wreck and Big Bank. Big Bank is a great place to get all your fish in one spot right now.

Mark Hill group July 25, 2011

Roger Olsen group July 26, 2011

Will Sutter group July 31, 2011

Acme group August 1, 2011

Michael Toy group Aug 1, 2011

Howard Van Deusen Aug 4, 2011

Eric Schmidt group Aug 4, 2011