Fishing Report
August 6, 2012

We have run to Big Bank now more this year and all of last year. Though there can just be smaller fish there some days, we are getting days with lots of 10-20 lb Chinook mixed in. We are getting limits of Chinook, Coho and Halibut quickly there as all are mostly on the bottom. Large glow hutchies seem to work the best early in the morning and spoons later on. Southwest corner is producing every once and a while and there is the odd fishing showing at the Starfish, though it hasn’t been consistent. The past few years we haven’t fished Big Bank too often, however the run is worth getting all your fish in one spot and getting back to the dock early to clean your load of fish.

There are large amounts of pilchards in Barclay Sound and the seine boats have been working harder here as their limits have increased here. There is lots of bait in Barclay Sound, however the fish seem to be mostly sticking offshore as the water temperature remains warmer than normal. If you have kids, you can take a small zinger and put a little piece of meat on it for catching mackerel at the dock. It provides a little cheap entertainment that parents are often seeking for.

Pictured below is some of the happy clients from the past week!

Wynn Family July 30, 2012

Wynn Family July 31, 2012 (38, 60lb Halibut)

Wyn Family August 2, 2012

Wynn Family August 2, 2012

Christensen Family August 2, 2012

Skipper Sam Vandervalk setting the lines in the early morning.

Debbie Brunk holding up a nice Chinook!

John and Allison Nabors and Fred and Debbie Brunk August 2, 2012

Fred Brunk reeling in a salmon with John Nabors reasuring him that everying is going to be okay August 3, 2012

McCrary kids August 4, 2012

Debbie Brunk holds up her halibut after winning her battle with the king of the bottom.

Skipper Sam Vandervalk holding up one of the morning's halibut trying to make it in to his own fishing reports August 4, 2012!

John and Allison Nabors and Fred and Debbie Brunk August 4, 2012

John and Allison Nabors and Fred and Debbie Brunk August 5, 2012

Fred Brunk with Debbie and Allison Nabors admiring their nice winter's prime salmon and halibut.