Fishing Report Ucluelet BC July 16, 2014

Chinook salmon fishing has been good for us in Florencia Bay this past couple weeks. The squid are still there in large schools and we are seeing the Chinook come in throughout the day to feed. Early morning seems to have a little bit and then most days are steady though out the morning. Both Coyote and Silver horde spoons are working as well as white hutchies. The fish seem to change what the are hitting on from day to day and slightly different variations in colors seem to work from one day to the next. This can be the most glorious place to fish and for some frustrating while watching other hook up. We have been having a blast here!  Fish often take long screaming runs and it is important to be able to turn your boat around in a hurry to follow your fish.

Some people are Long Beach the last couple days and halibut seem to just be starting to show up there. Halibut have also been good at the Rats Nose, however salmon fishing on Big Bank has not been good and this is a long way to run just for halibut.

Below are some pics from the past week:

Al and Lynn Miller with Rich and Deb McDonald July 7, 2014

Al Miller and Rich McDonald July 8, 2014

Penner group July 10, 2104

Penner group with a nice catch of Chinook, July 11 2014

Schwan family holding up part of their nice catch July 12, 2014

Schwan group with fish laid out July 12, 2014

Schwan group holding their catch July 13, 2014

Schwan family with their catch laid out July 13,2014

Dundin group taking Paps on a great fishing trip July 14, 2015

Jim and Chris Craig on their third trip to Ucluelet from Idaho! July 14, 2014

Barry Owen and Al Griego on their third trip to Ucluelet from California! July 14, 2014

Jim and Chris Craig having another fun day July 15, 2014

Piekama family enjoy a nice morning on the water July 16, 2014