Fishing Report
July 22, 2013

Fishing has been great at Big Bank continually and off and on for South Bank for Chinook. It seems most of the Chinook are staying off shore a ways a we are mostly getting Coho in close. Chrow and Beg island have been good for Coho and 3.5 spoons work well for these. Halibut fishing seems best at Big Bank, mostly west of the Rats Nose. Enjoy the pics and see you out on the water!

Al Miller with friend Bill July 16, 2013

Al Miller with friend Bill July 18, 2013

Obrien group July 18, 2013

O'brien group July 19, 2013

Rayden group July 20, 2013

Bill and Janette Schwandt with daughter-in-law Katie Bondie July 21, 2013

Grundell group with some great fish!

Dustin Johnson and Eric and Jayne Shwandt July 21, 2013

Bill and Eric Schwandt along with Dustin Johnson July 22, 2013

Warren group July 22, 2013

Tremonte group July 22, 2013