Fishing Report
July 30, 2013

Hotspots are changing by the day though Big Bank still remains the consistent place to get your Chinook and Halibut. Coho fishing is still good in around Chrow. Outside Lighthouse bank has been good for getting some nice average size fish between 15-25 lbs mostly and you can use a whole range of lures. 6″ Tomic spoons seem to discriminate for larger fish. We have been fishing Outside lighthouse bank thinking there have to be some Tyees coming, but I am sure it is only a matter of time. The Hyason just started getting good yesterday while Outside light slowed down a bit, so we may try there. Our guest John Salcido is still leading the derby this month with his 7 oz Chinook taken July 18 so lets keep our fingers crossed! Enjoy the pics below and make sure you come out to get some of the tasty salmon and halibut while enjoying the beautiful BC coast!

Tremonte group July 23, 2013

Claude and Charlotte O'Clair with grandson Tommy July 24, 2013

Tremonte group July 24, 2013

Miller family all the way from the UK July 25, 2013

Claude and Charlotte O'clair with grandson Tommy July 25, 2013

Hobaugh group from Pennsylvania July 26, 2013

Thomas Gleason and Patrick Law July 27, 2013

Drawhorn group July 28, 2013

Neal and Donna Griffith July 29, 2013

Neal and Donna Griffith July 30, 2013