Fishing Report
June 19, 2014

Chinook Salmon

The Chinook fishing over the past couple weeks hasn’t been as fast as we had hoped considering the large run expected to come through here, however that means the majority Chinook are still on their way. We have gotten a few nice Chinook over the past few days in the 15-25lb range and the fishing has started to pick up. Chinook have been in close around Beg Island, Great Bear Rock and Sail Rock. We have also been getting a combination of salmon and halibut at Big Bank, though the larger Chinook salmon have mostly been coming in close. We have been getting them on a whole range of lures including 3 inch Silver Horde spoons, needle fish hutchies, 4 inch Coyote spoons and glow and uv hutchies.

Coho Salmon

Coho haven’t shown up in big numbers yet, though we usually expect to see them show up in greater numbers at the end of June. We are catching a few in close as well as out at Big Bank. We have mostly been getting the Coho while fishing for Chinook and Halibut.


Halibut are hitting up at Long Beach bank, Inside and Outside Lighthouse Bank, and out at Big Bank. If you are wanting to get a combo of salmon and halibut the best bet right now is heading to Big Bank.

Below are some pics from the past couple weeks!

David Gulliford with a nice 24lb Chinook June 5, 2014

James and Norma Bird with Lenny Laboucan June 6, 2014. Great day on the water!

An eagle using its sharp talons to take a rock cod up to its perch June 9, 2014

Reynen group June 9, 2014 with a nice early season catch of Chinook and Halibut

Gloria DeVos showing off her catch June 11, 2014

Dan and Gloria DeVos June 11, 2014

Peay group June 11, 2014 fishing Big Bank trolling for their salmon and halibut.

Logan Worth proudly holding up this nice Chinook from Great Bear rock June 16, 2014

Ed Stauffer June 17, 204 showing off his catch!

Brandy booked this trip and proudly shows off this Chinook June 17, 2014

Father and Daughter Ed and Brandy Stauffer June 17, 2014

Pistone group June 17, 2014 fishing Big Bank.

Bob Bloom, Art Amundson, and Ron Young June 18, 2014

Brad Price with a nice Chinook June 18 from Great Bear Rock during an afternoon's fish.

O'Neil family June 18, 2014 with a nice catch from Big Bank.