Fishing Report May 12, 2014

Chinook Report

This time of year we normally get Chinook in the 7-20 lb range. We also have days like we did Saturday where we catch 5 good size Chinook all between 14-22 lbs. There was a good forecast for returning this season and we are seeing the first of the large run of Chinook due to come past. The weather has been tough on us the past couple of months and we are looking forward to having a good stretch of weather.

Chinook are biting on the usual suspects: small 3-3.5 inch coyote and silver horde spoons as well as needle fish hutchies about 80-100 feet down. Great Bear and Sail Rock are the most consistent hotspots for the better average size Chinook.

There are halibut and lingcod around as well, though weather has made it hard to fish them.

Below are pics from the past couple days.

For everyone going to the westcoast make sure you check out for info on beaches, trails, restaurants and more.

Florent Delfau, Julien Tichit and Nicolas Poujade from France fishing May 7, 2014

Brothers Anthony and Bryan Gelotti fishing May 10, 2014