Fishing Report June 21, 2018 Ucluelet BC

Good surprises keep coming as the both the Chinook and Halibut fishing have been good. The Chinook have been in many different places from Barkley Sound up to Long Beach. Most Chinook are between 8-15lbs but there are a few in 20's being taken. At this time last year we saw a few Tyees come through so we will cross our fingers for a few bigger ones. Halibut are mostly being caught about 16 miles from the harbour. Its a good time to scrape off the cobwebs on your rods if you haven't already started getting in on the action! If you are looking for a fun trip this year has already surpassed expectation the past month and we would guess it will continue.

McIntosh group June 13, 2018 with Chinook for 5 guys

The fifth guy appear in this McIntosh photo June 14, 2018

Dmytro Sawka and Crystal Anderson June 15, 2015

Jim and Paula Lodge June 15, 2018 for a 4 hour afternoon trip with 2 Chinook, 2 Coho

Dmytro and Crystal June 16, 2018

Dmytro and Crystal and guide Andrew June 17, 2018

Vermey group June 16, 2018
Teamwork for Dmtro and Crystal June 17, 2018

2 of the Vermey group June 17, 2018 (the others left for beer)

1st day for the Easter group June 18, 2017
Kate and Jackson Edwards June 18, 2018

Kate and Jackson Edwards June 19, 2018

Day 1 for the Easter Group June 20, 2018

Rick and Dean Hanaway with some nice salmon and halibut  June 20, 2018

Denise Nichols proudly showing off her lingcod June 21, 2018

The Nichols on day 3 with some good eating lingcod June 21, 2018