Fishing Report Auguist 10, 2023 Ucluelet BC -

Fishing is insane right now just in front of the Ucluelet harbour. Now just to clarify that is from a guide’s perspective that has guided Ucluelet since 2004, logged thousands of hours watching rod tips and spent many waking hours trying to improve fishing techniques.

But this guide has also seen conditions in many different areas offshore and this is comparable to some of the best fishing at Big Bank and its all just outside the harbour right now.

Does that mean everyone and his floatable craft is fishing there instead of running 10 miles to fish somewhere else that isn’t as good? No. Not even close.

Humans aren’t logical and I say that knowing my own tendencies. We go for what is a habit and what to us brings out that nostalgia and that often is going to a place and using the thing that has caught us fish in the past. So we miss the biggest moments.

Why am I writing something like this on a fishing report instead of just reporting what the fish are biting on, how deep and where exactly?

I will but just was pondering how so many people miss what’s right in front of them including myself. So this report is as much for my musing and entertainment as it is for you.

The details.

Chinook are being caught in many different spots right now. Southwest Corner, Wya, Little Beach, Big Bank, Lighthouse Bank, South Bank. I am just fishing out front because why burn time and gas when the fish are right here. There is so much bait and fish in front it is almost unbelievable. I haven’t seen anything like it in almost 20 years of guiding Ucluelet this close to the harbour. There are tons of Coho, Pinks and of course what everyone wants, the mighty Chinook.

If you are getting too many Coho and Pinks just move slightly and fish deeper and you will most likely get the Chinooks. Yesterday afternoon we had about 20 on in 2 hours to get our 10 along with about 15 Coho and 5ish pinks.

We have had some very strong fish hit the line the past couple of days so make sure you are using 50lb leader.

Halibut seem to be all over right now so just pick a spot and drop anchor. I’m not joking. We have had the best year in a while for consistent bites in spots closer than 15 miles out. 

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Pics below from the past couple of weeks.