Fishing Update & Local Salmon Enhancement importance Ucluelet BC

Thank-you for the memories!

This past year I have spent some time visiting some of our long time guests in their home towns. I am also touched to hear how much enjoyment is had each time guests bring their loved ones and business associates.

Some of you have brought entire families out and we have appreciated being a part of it. Thanks, it really means a lot.

Many have brought out business colleagues as a way to connect. Every so often I find out that one of our guests was able to close a large deal from bringing a client fishing. If you are bringing someone you really want to impress, let us in on it and we will do our best to help you out

Below are a couple of photos of 2 of our longtime clients Darren Kennett with friends and Al Miller as a proud grandfather to his daughter and grand daughter.


Thank-you for the referrals!

We have been very fortunate that we done very minimal advertising for customers since we started over 20 years ago. Most of our customers are repeats or referrals. Thank-you for everyone who has made Salmon Eye successful over the years. That really means a lot.

Supporting the local fish hatchery

For everyone who comes on a 3 to 5 day Gold or Signature package we will donate $200 to the fish hatchery. We have gotten to know hatchery manager Dave Hurwitz and the hatchery could really use our support. Much of the labour at Thornton Creek is volunteer and recently Dave has been loosing staff and could really use some help.

Fishing Update:

Some of you would be disappointed if there was no fishing update.

We are actually starting to launch the boats next week around June 1,

Our new guide Brad was just out a few days ago in Barkley Sound with his son and friend and they limited on Chinook (6) and Lingcod (9).

Fishing for Lingcod has been exceptional so far. If you want the full pull of salmon, halibut and lingcod I would recommend coming in June or early July.

While salmon tend to be a bit larger later in summer, June and early July have more/better combined fishing in close to shore.  Last season the fishing during June was exceptional.